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The acts of the ‘umrah according to Ja`fari Fiqh

The Imami/Ja`fari book al‑Jawahir mentions that: “The obligatory acts (af’al or a’mal) of the Hajj are twelve: ihram; the wuquf at ‘Arafat; the wuquf at al‑Mash’ar al‑Haram; the entry into Mina; the ramy; the dhibh (sacrifice); its related taqsir or halq; the tawaf (the sevenfold circumambulation of the Ka’bah), and its related raka’at (units of the length of prayers); the sa’y; the tawaf al-nisa’, and its related raka’at. The obligatory acts of al‑‘Umrat al‑mufradah are eight: niyyah (intention); ihram ; tawaf and its related raka’at; the sa’y; the taqsi; the tawaf al-nisa’; and its related raka’at.”
This indicates that all the legal schools agree that the acts of the Hajj exceed those of the ‘Umrah by the acts associated with the wuquf. Moreover, the Imamiyyah school considers it obligatory for the performer of the al‑‘Umrat al‑mufradah to perform a second tawaf, the tawaf al-nisa’. Similarly the Maliki school differs from others in considering halq or taqsir as non‑obligatory for al‑‘Umrat al‑mufradah.

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