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Majalla.org Services:

As a Knowledgebase platform, Majalla.org provides publishers and content providers with a number of services and options to facilitate the sharing, storing, and promotion of information relevant to the Islamic civilization and modern Islamic societies.

Content providers and creators can choose among these services:

  • Free, stable, easy to remember URL addresses: Publishers with content on their own websites who wish to co-brand it with a majalla.org URL may apply for one. If approved, you will be able to direct your content to the custom domain of your choice: YourBrand.Majalla.org. This option might be attractive for those who host their content on consumer platforms like Google Sites, Blogspot, WordPress.com, Weebly, Wix, HubSpot CMS, or Webflow but who also which to network with majalla.org.
  • Building your own website: If you have content and you don’t know how to get it on a stable permanent site, majall.org can help with building a site that will be hosted on your own domain or on co-branded majalla.org url.

Whichever service you choose, majalla.org will facilitate the discoverability of your content and help you make connections with other content providers.


majalla.org is not responsible for the content published on subdomains (Brand.majalla.org). Majalla.org provides a free subdomain (brand.majalla.org) to select content providers to encourage the dissemination of knowledge and to better integrate the various bodies of information.

Majalla.org’s content is limited to materials hosted on its root domain (majalla.org) or majalla.org’s subdirectories (majalla.org/ subdirectory).

Independent Content Providers (ICPs) may list their sites on majalla.org’s Directory of Hosted Sites. Users may access such content from the DHS page.

Accessing majalla.org’s exclusive content can be done from the frontpage or using the search tools on the frontpage.