Understanding Sharia

Sharia Law and Jurisprudence Project is intended to explain the academic and practical meaning and functions of Sharia. The information is drawn from a variety of sources, representing a wide range of voices, opinions, and knowledge.

As the Arabic word suggests, Sharia is a way of life; a broad system whose purpose is to guide human beings, individually and collectively, to lead a life in way that make their actions and beliefs in complete harmony. Although Sharia is often referred to as a legal system, taken in the context of the teachings of the Quran, the Sharia has no single purpose for it is concerned with all the interconnected elements of human life on earth. The Sharia presume complexity; to appreciate that aspect, we developed this interactive tool that attempts to illustrate the application of Sharia to determine the ethical and legal standing of a particular event.  

A project on this important topic is always a work in progress. The site will continue to be updated, revised, and improved as more information and more knowledge becomes available.

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Knowledge Interactive:

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Faith, Practice, and Judgment
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Sharia and Fiqh
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