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Business, Finance, and Economics in Islamic Civilization

There are no stand alone category of classical Islamic thought that would correspond to modern day economics. However, Ibn Khadun dedicated chapter in his Muqaddima focusing on al-Ma`ash, which deals with economic matters and provide some insight into Islamic economic philosophy.

al-Muqaddima, often published in Arabic as Muqaddimat Ibn Khaldun or simply as al-Muqaddima, is a remarkable work of scholarship by the Muslim jurist, historian, philosopher, and thinker Abd al-Rahman Ibn Khaldun, widely known as Ibn Khaldūn (d. 1406 CE). In al-Muqaddima, Ibn Khaldun built an astounding body of knowledge covering broad areas of inquiry including history, philosophy, sociology, ethnography, economics, and other practical and abstract sciences. Arabic texts and translations of al-Muqaddima is made available here (below).

A new translation of the Arabic text of al-Muqaddima, Book One, Chapter Five, Making a Living is now available, allowing for new insight into Ibn Khaldun’s most significant theoretical contributions to economics.

Muqaddima of Ibn Khaldun: Book One, Chapter Five, Making a Living
Muqaddima of Ibn Khaldun: Book One, Chapter Five, Making a Living

Articles, books, and documents related to Islamic thought and institutions covering business, finance, and economics; including Ibn Khaldun’s chapter on economics (and a translation) and other Islamic classics on finance and business.

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