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Who has custody rights over child in Islamic law?

Who has custody rights over child in Islamic law?

Q&ACategory: FiqhWho has custody rights over child in Islamic law?
Irfan asked 1 year ago
What is the definition of hadana (custody) as it applies to children in Islam, and who has the rights to it in sharia?

1 Answers
Editorial Team majalla.orgEditorial Team Staff answered 1 year ago

Custody is the care of a child for its upbringing and protection for a period of time.

Custody is the right of the mother by consensus among jurists of all major schools of jurisprudence, although there is a difference of opinion regarding the period after which it expires, the person who is entitled to custody after the mother, the qualification for a woman to act as a custodian, her right to receive a fee for it, and other aspects that can be found in the body of fiqh of specific schools of Islamic law.

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