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What is sharia?

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Sharia, often and mistakenly combined in the phrase, sharia law, refers to the body of principles and conditions that must be taken together to determine what the law should be about any actual given case. These principles and conditions are explictily or implicity stated in the Quran. For that reason, some people will equate sharia with the Quran. However, the Quranic discourse is too general to provide the specificificy required in law making. It is safe to say then that Sharia is the Quran inspired determination of law about specific cases at any given time. For this reason, there is really no body of Sharia law, there are only body of fiqh law and even fiqh laws are different from sect to another.

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Sharia is the law based on the Koran. It is known for its strict and harsh punishment.

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“Islamic law and sharia are interchangeable terms used to describe the correct standard of living according to adherents of the religion of Islam.” pp 24.

From, Introduction to Islamic Law, By Jonathan G. Burns

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