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It is often said that the Quran was written down during the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Are there actually any manuscripts from that time? are complete? and where are they housed? I assume Turkey would have the oldest since it was the last ring of the Islamic caliphate system. No?

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While the Quran was written down during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad, it should be noted that these written notes were very basic: they lacked the controlling diacritics to store all the details needed to lock down the exact meaning of the Quran. For Muslims, the real authority rested with the recited words of the Quran, not with the books containing the full or parts of the text of the Quran called MusHaf.

There is no full written manuscript of the Quran from that time period, only fragments and they are housed in number of countries around the world.

Here are some examples:

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